Our streets are in dire need of repair, from potholes to landscaping, cleaner and well-lit bus stops these issues need to be addressed if we ever expect to attract more job opportunities.


When elected I will be working with local charities directly with district 7 community members to form the District 7 Homeless Coalition Task Force.

True middle-class housing

Housing should fit the needs of the community and every family should have access to affordable well-built homes.


Our schools are vital to our children’s success and I plan on working with our legislators and school board members to ensure that our students and teachers are being provided with the resources they need to be successful in safe and well maintained facilities.


Jobs bring change and prosperity to all and that’s why I will be working with families, businesses, and developers to ensure that good well-paying jobs are brought into the communities, while insisting that our city taxes are allocated directly back into our neighborhoods by tax increment financing.